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With the ever increasing population and the development of land, storm water management and drainage issues are increasing topics of concern in the land development area. Homestead Nursery LLC has been involved in the drainage business for years working with engineers and townships to resolve water problems in residential communities and businesses.

Our drainage division can install a system that can eliminate or redirect any water build up in your yard that is a concern. Downspouts and gutters can collect and send out hundreds of gallons of water during a storm that can interfere with irrigation and can damage any or all hardscapes and landscaping on your lot. Splash blocks only serve as a way to absorb and spread the energy of the falling water, but if proper drain lines made of durable ADS pipe are installed underground, they can instead capture and redirect the collected water to a better place on your lot.


Recently, Homestead Nursery LLC has begun working on harvesting rainwater through drainage designs and using the harvested water for water features in the landscape and water for gardens.

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