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Along with a new patio, walkway, driveway or landscaping, low voltage accent lighting can provide safety as well as giving a designer look to your home.

Homestead Nursery LLC has a Certified Lighting Staff that can provide the right look to dramatically enhance your home and landscape and increase the value of your house and property. Homestead Nursery LLC’s use of Nightscaping products enables us to design with new technology and products to provide our clients with the latest in low voltage lighting.

These systems also extend the usable hours of any property. By adding light activities that may have been curtailed by darkness like outdoor entertaining, dining or just relaxing on the patio can be continued well into the night. This benefit is of particular importance to those who spend most of the daylight hours away from their home. Those who normally have limited opportunity to sit back and actually experience their home and property can now, with the addition of light, enjoy their entire living space both inside and out, day and night. A professional outdoor lighting system will not only create a more useful, attractive, valuable and secure property, it will allow you to discover the hidden beauty of your landscape and ultimately realize the full potential of their home.

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